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It is true that confidence does not come with how you look like, but it is also safe to assume that if you look good, you will feel contented and self-assured of yourself. This does not, in any mean, state that an overweight person will lack confidence. Nevertheless it will benefit you in more than one way to look-as they say- healthy as a horse.

Get in to a work out regime
The notion is quite popular nowadays. But how many follow it true to the meaning of it? A workout needs to be complete with quantifiable results and a reliable way to measure them. You can use a wearable device to do this easily. By employing the fitbit fitness app, you can estimate your current situation and decide where you want to be; based on that, calculate how many steps you need to take/ calories you have to burn etc. and start on doing that. The advantage of this is you can decide what type of activity you engage in. if you walk to work, it will be just a simple step further from that. Or, take steps rather than taking the elevator at work, and walk out to meet people or have lunch.


Similar to any activity you will find it fun to do this with a partner or a friend. It is easy to set targets and make it a competition if you are comfortable with that sort of thing. When you start to see results it will motivate you more. You can also use the team idea to have a truce on eating habits. Anyone who eats fatty foods or sugar, more than allowed, will need to pay the other, or something similar. You can make it more interesting with plans as such.

Take a step further

Actually, you can take the teaming up a step further. There are online communities who share similar interests on many topics. The same goes for fitness too. You can join one of these and improve your activity level, quality of what you do to lose weight, share ideas and experiences, and join a membership rewards program. You can use the rewards to buy other items that are useful, making it a way to earn something as well.

If you dream about it, you can do it. Make it the motto of your life. But do not, for a moment, assume it will come easy. Some may have the perfect body type which responds a hundred percent to a planned exercise plan. Some may not. Nevertheless do not give up until you achieve what you always dreamt of. Make it so that you face anything or anyone with confidence.