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Your bones come to meet at the joints. They undergo different types of movements depending on their location and the need. Some joints can rotate, others can glide, others roll and some bend. Your knees, hips and spine are the three joints that bear your weight. It is important to reduce the impact on all of your joints to prevent short term and long term injury. One thing you can do is to wear high quality footwear to absorb most of the ground impact. But there are many other things you must do to protect and extend the lifespan of your healthy joints.

Go Swimming

Do you know that water helps in supporting your joints because it helps keep them weightless? Swimming is a great way to maintain the mobility of your joints without making them to suffer any kind of impacts. It is also good for building strength. This is why so many athletes make it part of their strength training routine. Swimming also helps in protecting your joints against strain.

Become More Active

Be as active as possible to ensure that your joints remain healthy for long. If you reduce your physical activity, your joints can become stiff. This can also lead to pain even when you don’t have any injuries. If you are aging or if you have restricted movement, you can engage in a number of activities for moving your joints. Engaging in strength training at Melbourne is also a good way to keep your joints healthy. You can engage in low-impact stretching and bending. There are many stretching exercises to help you. You can also take advantage of cycling, which can move your hips, knees and ankles.

Control Your Weight

As already mentioned, your body weight is born by your back, hips and knees. So if you want to keep these joints healthy and safe, make sure to keep your weight under control. If you are overweight, take measures to reduce your weight within healthy limits. Otherwise you will be putting regular strain on these major joints, which could lead to pain in the long term.

Eat Healthier

Make changes to your diet in a way that your platter has more veggies and fruits, free from pesticides and artificial preservatives. Avoid preserved and processed foods as much as possible. Do you know that lots of uric acid can result in joint pain and even cause gout? Take as much as natural and healthy food to protect your joints.

Always Maintain Healthy Posture

Always sit, walk and stand in the right posture. This will help reduce the strain on your bones and muscles. It will help keep your hips, knees and shoulders feel relaxed at all times. This is especially more important for those who spend long hours sitting or standing in the same position. Make sure to take a break from work and walk around to move your joints.